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Torneo Event at Bil Bil House - 1 May
Deadline for inscriptiõn: 29 April.

New "train service" from Benalmadena Costa to Pueblo
The tourist train is to add a new route to it`s existing Puerto Marina and Arroyo de la Miel routes. The new route will tour the Avda Las Palmeras, towards Benalmádena Pueblo, up to the Stupa, the Butterfly Park and Benalmadena Pueblo. Total journey time will be approximately 4 hours, and includes a guided tour (cost 11 €).

Details and Web link: Robert's Furum post 16/1, under section Random Walk.

Summer activities!
Follow Robert's updates on our FORUM: Festivals, fiestas, music, food and beer...

Have fun!

BilBilHouse - Arenal Golf's new hotspot
"Our" club house - BilBilHouse - has rapidly become the meeting gound both for AG residents and occasional visitors. See it all at their excellent home page, which comes in two versions Spanish and English:

Voting on installation of natural gas
Each Phase will be asked to vote on whether they wish the installation of Natural Gas to go ahead on their phase. Under the Law of Horizontal Property only one third of owners need to vote in favour for the installation to go ahead. All installation costs will be met by the Gas company providing owners contract for the service within a 6 month window yet to be indicated.

Read more: Post by theBantam 25 March, under section Development plan and progress issues.

Easter holiday: children's activities
Update from Mancomunity: Members of the Bil Bil House Sports Club are informed that Antequera Golf has prepared a calendar of children's activities for the Easter holidays. The sporting activities will take place between 12pm & 1.30pm and are free. After 2pm other activities will take place as outlined in the attached flyer, which are also free. There will be snacks for the children at 5 pm and then some films will be shown (3 euros). We hope that this will be agreeable to all parents and that the children will enjoy learning whilst having fun. Regards
Carlos Rubio Mancommunity President

Benalmadena carnival in February!
The Benalmadena Carnival will run from the 1st Feb to 10th Feb.

See YouTube links on our Forum (section Random walk) provided by Robert. On the Forum's Share your moments section Robert has also posted some video clips from this year's Three Kings Parade.

31 October: UHUUU - Halloween!
Message received from Administration: This afternoon at 5pm at the Social Club there will be a Halloween Party. Entrance for children: 5€ Includes games & bouncy castle Also sandwiches, drinks & sweets.

Train service Malaga Airport - Benalmadena
Have you tried the new train connection from Malaga Airport to Arenal Golf (well - to Arroyo de la Miel, until further notice...)?

Updated information is now available at our Website section Local Services | Transportation | Railway.

October: Group sport activities in the Club house
Copying from information received from the Administration: "With the idea of continuing to promote sport within our Urbanisation, an agreement has been reached with Antequera Golf to develop group sporting activities. From 1st October the first group classes will commence in the Mancommunity gymnasium. In principle, the time reserved for these classes will be 10am-11am Monday to Friday (classes are subject to a minimum number of students). During these hours, the gym cannot be used by the rest of the regular users.

Time: 2 hours per week, 5 days, total 8 hours a month.
Groups of between 12 - 15 people.
Prices: CLUB MEMBERS: 15 EUR per class per month; if the user is a monthly bonus member, the class will cost 10 EUR per month, ie 12 EUR for the gym + 10 EUR per class"

Fireworks in August? It just had to end up like this...
As Robert reports on our Forum today (16 Aug.), "The fireworks display in the Pueblo got a bit out of hand this week."... I'd expected there was an EU directive against this kind of summer activity. In Norway we are barely allowed to ignite fireworks at new year's eve, with snow up to our elbows! See more pictures & full report under section Random walk.

June 16 2012: Finally - it's here!
Read all about the grand opening of the Club house this Weekend. TheBantam and many others were there, and have started sharing their experience at our Forum!

Mmmm - Tapas!
The best way to enjoy tapas is to go to a bar with some friends. Robert and Ellen did, as you can see on their updated Moments section (AG Forum | Moments).

May 2012: A bus trip to Malaga...
Jenny took a trip on the Malaga Tourist Bus last week. She was quite impressed - and so will you be when you see her snapshots and her story. You find it under The AG Community | AG surroundings.

Easter 2012: The Semana Santa processions
See Jenny's picture series at AG Community | The AG surroundings

Project in progress: Parque Al-Baytar
Read about the tree planting event (Forum section Random Walk), and see Jenny's snapshots under the Website section AG Community | The AG Surroundings.

Extraordinary community meeting, Phase 1
On Wednesday 15. February 2012 18:00 there will be an extraordinary community meeeting for Phase 1 owners. Location: the paddle court. Agenda: Approval of WiFi system (ADSL Internet access to all apartments).

20th December: Phase 2 & Phase 4 Community Meeting
There will be a Phase 4 Community Meeting on the 20th December to discuss matters relating to the work of the Mancommunidad and the Urban Entity. It will be a joint meeting between Phase 2 and 4 to save on room hire costs. Location: Paris Salon of the Flathotel, with the first call at 17.00 and the second at 17.30pm. (Source: TheBantam)

August 2011: A local pearl to explore - Puerto Cabopino
Robert and Ellen write: "Puerto Cabopino is one , if not actually the best, of the Costa Del Sol`s hidden secrets."

Read more and study their fabulous pictures under the section Moments.

April 20, 2011: Edna Duck w/family safely back on the golf course
Read about member Neutral & Co.'s resque mission, summarized at the Forum today (under the telling section "random walking").

Stop press: It was a cousin of Edna - or something like that... Updates available on the Forum.

Butterfly invasion
The largest Butterfly Park in Europe opened in Benalmadena on Friday, March 25. The 2,000m2 park is located close to the Buddhist temple and will have some 2,000 butterflies of 150 different species from around the world flying free for visitors to see.

Source: Robert

Tivoli season!
Tivoli World opens it`s doors for the summer season again on Saturday 2nd April with it`s "Feast Of Fire" open day with new attractions and entertainment.

Read more on Robert & Ellen's MOMENTS section.

Visit our FAQ section
Have you locked yourself out, and need a locksmith in a hurry? Wonder how to get rid of old furniture? What about finding a supplier of Arenal Golf wall paint? How to replace your worn out blind cord? All this - and more - is answered on our section for frequently asked questions. Visit "Local services | Arenal Golf FAQ".

21 August: Fiesta at Arenal Golf Phase 1
See the Forum section, under Phase 1.

July 25, 2010: Arenal Golf roundabouts
The roundabout at the bottom of Phase 3 beside the bus stop has now been landscaped (right-hand image in the montage; photo: Robert Lennon). This adds to the two other roundabouts to the North of Phase 2 (re-arranged after removal of the three gigantic Greek heads) and outside Phase 1 (the "water from no-where" arrangement). Webmaster's comment: I miss the Greek heads - and I love the artistic creativity that are expressed on most of the roundabouts in the area!

May 2010 - The eagle has landed!
Report from Andrew Hirst: "I own an Atico on Phase 1 and my wife was today frozen with fear as she emerged from the apartment onto the balcony to be confronted by the attached photograph. The raptor just watched her, sat on its 'perch' for several minutes. Those with small pets best look out!"
Webmaster's comment: The species is probably a Booted eagle (dark phase).

The Arenal Golf Bamboo Jungle - A Guided Tour!
Right under your nose, Phase 1 residents, you find a nice route for your Sunday morning trip. Have a look under "AG Community | The AG Surroundings", and get surprised about what you have missed so far!

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